Comedian Michael Ian Black on Movie Technology

Ever since Robert Patrick turned into liquid metal in T2, my attitude about moviemaking has been Ok, now we can do anything, so tell me a good story.
Michael Ian Black (via)

Michael Ian Black (image: Wikipedia)

A couple years ago, my wife and I had the pleasure of seeing Michael Ian Black (above) doing his version of stand-up comedy (humorous stories from shows and movies he's been in, random thoughts about life, graphic explanations of post-bad-taco bathroom trips) at McCain Auditorium in Manhattan, KS. He's a smart and obviously funny guy, and I came across the above quote on his blog

Having just re-watched T2 a couple months ago, Robert Patrick's T-1000 morphing between cop and liquid-cop-with-knife-arm is still fresh in my mind. But I agree with the quote in that a director can take a film, a band can take a song, a company can take a software, etc, as far as they'd like in terms of form, but I'd still like some content behind it. Especially if it costs me money, such as a $10 movie theater ticket or a $200 piece of software.

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