Presentation: I interviewed my mommy

Note: this is an assignment for a Master's course at K-State, EDCI 803: Curriculum Development, taught by Dr. Jeong-Hee Kim. Spring 2009.

Assignment Description (paraphrased)
Interview an individual involved in the curricular process, such as a principal, district curriculum director, department head, etc. Connect to class dialogue and readings. Explore how this process impacted you and any recommendations you have for the individual's district based on your experience this semester. Then prepare a presentation to briefly explain your experience to the rest of the class.

I interviewed my mom because she's a curriculum director at Marion-Florence USD 408. I wrote my research paper (PDF) and then made the presentation seen below. It might not make much sense without me explaining it a little bit, so I'll do that too (see bottom).

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Stu Ervay - my mom studied under Dr. Ervay at Emporia State University when she was pursuing her Master's degree in the early 1990s.

Kid covered in hearts - my mom's math class did this to a boy on Valentine's Day one year; all in fun of course. It was not a planned activity but it worked great. I compare it to the unpredictability of the curriculum, how teachers must use creativity, and how that's okay, such as with the frog example.

Frog (Mr. Ribbets) - this was an example we discussed in class. A teacher brought a frog into his biology class - but then it died. So they dissected it. The experience required fast, creative thinking by the teacher and couldn't have been planned, but the activity ended up being a more quality experience than the teacher's original plans. Except for the frog, of course. It got much worse for him.

School of Rock/Dewey Finn - in class we watched School of Rock - a great movie, by the way - and then wrote a short paper about it.

Anything else - probably just me trying to be funny.

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