My Personal Learning Network

(Note: this assignment is for my Master’s course at K-State, EDCI 718: Learning Technologies, taught by Dr. Rosemary Talab)

Assignment Description
Describe your Personal Learning Network (PLN).

I've been an iGoogle user for a while. I feel it makes a great homepage for some good ol' fashioned web browsing, just like our grandfolks used to do.

My iGoogle page looks like this:
My iGoogle page. Click to enlarge.

My Google Reader, which I've now set up as a widget on my iGoogle page, is here.

My Google Reader includes some blogs I enjoy visiting, such as Presentation Zen, Mammoth Media, Dan Meyer's education blog, photographer Terry Richardson's tumblr, and a few others (including mine, which is sort of like high-fiving myself I do realize).

OH and also I just incorporated a couple Distance Education blogs into my Google Reader. They are About.com Distance Learning (sounds duhhh boring but is actually pretty good) and Mike Simmons's aptly named e-Learning and Distance Education Blog. I'm new to both of them but will probably spend way too much time at both of them in the near future.

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