Instructional Design for Novices: ADDIE

ID for Novices: Addie approach NEW
Screenshot from my ID final project.

Note: this is my final project for EDCI 763: Instructional Design, a Master's course at K-State taught by Dr. Gary Whitt.

Assignment Description
Create a tutorial for beginning instructional designers. Your task is to teach me how to develop instruction from start to finish. Make sure to warn me what to watch out for. Tell what each design step is for but also explain what areas are particularly easy to mess up and why. Format: whatever you want to use to create this thing. However, I have to be able to view it, hear it, or read it. Please be as creative as you wish as you know I love that stuff. -Dr. Whitt

I chose the ADDIE approach to Instructional Design:
I talk about how to use the ADDIE approach in this screencast:


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