Screencasting with the Interwrite SchoolPad

Basic setup for a screencast.
Note: this is an assignment for my Master's course at K-State, EDCI 763: Instructional Design, taught by Dr. Gary Whitt. It is the end product of several weeks of work.

Assignment Description
Think about something you could teach me and my colleagues here in the Education Department at Roanoke College. Design your own instruction to do just that.

Part1. In a document, include each of the following:
I. Statement of Purpose
II. Needs Analysis
III. Task Analysis
IV. Learner Analysis
V. Objectives
VI. Design
VII. Evaluation
Part2. Then implement your instruction in a format of your choosing.

My instruction is over how a math teacher with an Interwrite© Wireless School Pad, a Bluetooth‐enabled computer with built‐in microphone, and moderate computer skills can create a video lesson by doing what is called screencasting.

Part1. Here's my document breaking down the design of my instruction (pdf)

Part2. Here's my screencast which is the instruction. It can be viewed in two ways. I think the second way is cooler.

1. YouTube

2. Shockwave File (.swf) - will open in browser


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